Elegant Rooms



Room Four


The Card Room. Where Edward VII once played his hand at cards. Georgian panes. A king size bed. A bath to soak in. A garden view. A comfy seat to soothe your soul.


Room Eight


Once The School room. A king size bed. Crisp linen. Cool greens to calm the day ahead. Polka dot touches. A square bay. A place to sit. Shutters to hideaway. An elegant bathroom. A Summer Rising shower.


Room Six


A space to think. A space to talk. A full length Georgian sash window. A king size bed. Pastel blues. Warm lights. A summer rising shower. Noble Isles and Yorkshire Soap. A glorious garden vista.


Room Twelve


A twin. A flying duck. English country style. English country swagger. Ground floor. Private parking. Gardens beyond. Rose petals in the bath. A Yorkshire Lad. A Yorkshire Lass. A space to indulge.


Room Seventeen


Shaded with purples. A king size bed. A dressing area. A chair to chat from. A Summer Rising shower. Views of the gardens rambling beyond.